Countries with the most beautiful women in the world

Beauty is an important aspect that people love to appreciate. However, it is a subjective thing and different people find different kinds of beauty appealing.

Women from different countries have their own features that make them attractive. Here are some of the countries that have the most beautiful women in the world!


Venezuela is home to some of the sexiest women in the world. These women are very attractive, strong and intelligent.

They are also very direct when it comes to dating, as they do not play games and prefer talking things out. This can be a good thing for a couple, as they may be more honest with each other.

Although Venezuela is rich in oil, this has not translated into prosperity and wealth for the majority of the population. The country’s economic and political instability has led to widespread poverty, unemployment, and corruption. This has resulted in a deteriorating human rights situation, shortage of basic supplies, and skyrocketing crime rates.


Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world, famed for its art works, architecture, cars, food and more. The country has also been home to some of the world’s most legendary artists, writers, musicians, chefs and actors.

Italian women are known for their gorgeous features and curvaceous bodies, making them some of the most sexy women in the world. The Mediterranean beauty of olive skin, dark eyes, high cheekbones and a Roman nose is a trademark of Italian women.

Some of the most beautiful women in Italy are celebrities, models and actresses who have become household names. Some of them even have a sexy figure that attracts men from all over the world.


Denmark is one of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world. They are known for their almond-shaped eyes, blonde hair and a progressive outlook on society.

Despite these, Danish women have still not achieved equal rights as men. And even though transgender people are now allowed to change their gender marker on government documents, they still face discrimination in Denmark.

However, the Danish women are not just gorgeous; they also have a magnetic personality, good proliferation, liberty and openness to nature.


Colombia is well-known for its drugs, violence, coffee and beautiful women. Traveling to Colombia just for any of these reasons is not recommended, but you might be surprised to find that this South American country has a lot to offer beyond just its stunning natural landscapes.

The country has a rich history that includes the famed narcotics godfather, Pablo Escobar Gavira. It is also home to the hottest female stars in Latino music like Shakira and Sofia Vergara.


The stunning beauty of Pakistani women is matched with intelligence, style, etiquette and elegance. They have taken over the world in their respective fields of acting, academics, music and business with their strong will and confidence.

The chirpy and cute face of Sanam Jung has caught the attention of Pakistanis around the globe as she hosts the morning show Jago Pakistan Jago. Though this bubbly actress was a victim of body shaming online recently, she did not let it get her down and showed everyone that she is totally comfortable in her own skin.

This dusky beauty is a spokesperson for L’Oreal and has established herself in the fashion industry. Her roles in various Urdu movies have received critical acclaim. She has also won several awards.


The Philippines is home to one of the world’s most beautiful women, but her majesty doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, iStock has you covered with royalty-free photos of the Philippines from the skyline to the famous Mayon Volcano and the 2000-year-old World Heritage Ifugao rice terraces.

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